A Conversation With the World

This film, produced by Lonnie Graham, charts his trips to different parts of the world during the project, A Conversation with the World. At the film’s end he makes mention of the countries and cities he has visited along the way.

로니 그래험이 프로젝트 ‘세계와의 대화’를 진행하며 세계 각지에서 찍은 영상입니다. 영상의 후반부에는 프로젝트를 위해 방문한 40여 개국의 나라와 도시의 이름을 본인의 목소리로 담은 음성녹음이 있습니다.

Part of this project is currently on exhibition named Resonant voices at Datz Museum of Art, and represented in Magazine Gitz Vol.9, Resonant Voices

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