Bookmaking Studio Datz Books

Collaboration with a Bookmaker

Datz Books is a bookmaking studio operated by Datz Press. 

We create and present art books in collaboration with artists. 

Built on years of professional experience in publishing and making books, 

we offer personalized consultations for each project and create books handcrafted to perfection. 

If you would like to collaborate with Datz Books, you can contact us for consultation and pricing. 

After consultation, you can choose between Datz Books handcraft production 

or an off-set production based on production details, quantity, and budget.

Check out custom made books by Datz Books >

Hours | M-F 10am-6pm (Closed on Holidays)  

Location | Achasan-ro 471, CS Plaza #B102 

Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 05035 

Contact | [email protected] / 02.447.2581 

1. Production Type          2. Work Process          3. Pricing          4. Consultation          5. Order Form/Order Guide

1. Production Type

Datz Books Production


v  Between 4 to 100 copies  

Xerox Digital Print  

PUR Binding 

Hand Binding: Link Stitch Binding, Saddle Stitch Binding, Accordion Binding, Traditional Binding  

v  Post-production options: Hot Foil Stamping, Image Insert, Lamination  v  Slip Case or Box 

Off-set printing Production 

v  Minimum 300 copies 

v  Consultation for off-set printing  

v  Production management  

v  Print quality assurance


Project Consultation

v Design

2. Work Process

Step1  Request for quote 

- Complete and send the order form below.  

- Send us a finalized design PDF. It can be a rough design sketch if the design is not finalized. 

- If you require design consultation, send us an email explaining a rough sketch and content of the book. 

Step2  Consultation 

- Consultation is available in person or via email.

- We recommend you visit our studio to look at samples, test prints, and materials.

- To visit our studio for an in-person consultation, please make an appointment in advance. 

Bring any additional documents that may be used as a reference for your project.  

Step3  File export guidelines

- We will provide PDF guidelines suited to your project 

Step4  Finalized file delivery

- Send us a finalized PDF design file  

Step5  Test print 

- You can check color and tone through the test print. 

- We can also make a sample dummy book before production with an additional cost.

Step6  Production 

Production period varies depending on project specifications so please inquire in advance

3. Pricing

Datz Books Production Pricing

At Datz Books, skilled bookmakers produce high-quality books through a handmade process.    

v  Prices below represent single book prices with standard paper, digital print, binding, and not included post-production options. 

v  Additional post-production finishes are $10 per book but may vary depending on size, form, and quantity.  

v  Minimum order quantity is 4 copies. When ordering 2 copies, 50% of the production cost will be added to the total cost.  

v  An additional $10 is applied per book for French Fold binding, only available in combination with PUR and Oriental bound books.  

v  When ordering more than 30 copies, 10-20% discount is applicable based on production specifications.  

v  VAT not included


Off-set Printing Pricing 

Offset printing is conducted under the supervision and management of Datz Books for large quantity orders. 

Consulting, print supervision, and the binding process is carried out in collaboration with external partners suitable for project’s content and production specifications. 

v  Minimum order quantity is 300 copies.

v  Quote requests may take up to 7 days to process in order to confirm with external partners.

4. Consultation

We offer customized consultation for those who have the contents to make a book but have difficulty deciding where and how to start or those who have a finalized files but are in need of advice on material and book structure. 

You can also ask any questions you have regarding the bookmaking process. 

Please contact us via email or phone to make an appointment.

Includes | 1:1 consultation, Test print 

Pricing | $50

Location | Datz Books (CS Plaza B102)

5. Order Form/Order Guide

Please complete the order form below and send it with a design file via email.([email protected])

Before filling out the order form please review the Order guide > 

(Please Download the order guide for high-resolution images.)

1. Name / Contact 

2. Size / Page Number / Quantity 

3. Paper 

- Paper name and weight (Available paper options can be found in the order guide) 

- If you would like a paper recommendation, please tell us the desired paper texture, tone, and weight.  

4. Binding 

5. Cover 

- Type : Softcover, Hardcover 

- Material :

    - Book cloth : Color Number (can be found in the order guide)  

    - Paper or Print : Tell us the characteristics of the paper or print you want for the cover, such as color and texture. 

6. Endpaper 

- Type : Colored Paper, Print 

- Tell us the characteristics of the paper or print you want for the endsheets, such as color and texture

7. Post-production cover finish options 

- Hot-foil stamping, Image insert, laminating (Type and quantity)  

- For hot-foil stamping, please specify color and number found in the order guide. 

8. Completion date

9. Additional inquiries

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